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Asmara, Ertrea, Ethiopia Photos

Scene of Asmara with the White Apartments as the large building, center left, and the Coptic Church in the rear with the twin towers.


Asmara street scene showing festival decorations on the ocassion of the visit of Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain.


The market square in Asmara.


The Mosque in Asmara. The largest percentage of the population of Asmara are Muslim, but Catholic and Coptic also have a large following.


A camel train on the highway to Massawa.


Native huts, also along the highway to Massawa.


The road to Massawa. Notice the road cut into the mountain side as it disappears miles away to the right side of the picture.


View across the city of Asmara with the Catholic Cathedral clock tower showing in the distance on the left.


Red Rose

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